Planning to film in Arizona?
Make Darlene Wyatt, Arizona’s most experienced Casting Director, your first call!

Phoenix Casting Director, Darlene Wyatt is located in the “First Studio” complex where she is at the epicenter of the film, television, and commercial business in Arizona. With over 30 years as Arizona’s Casting Director, Darlene Wyatt has unparalleled relationships with Arizona’s top talent agencies as well as producers, ad agencies and film makers. She utilizes a state of the art electronic delivery process for audition footage, so clients can download the audition files within minutes with instant access worldwide.

Darlene Wyatt is a Casting Director in the true sense of the word.  Taking pride in not only creating the best images but in personally directing each talent  to present the best possible performance.  After all, doesn’t your project ultimately rely on the quality and performance of the actors cast?

With Darlene Wyatt as your Casting Director, you’ll see only the best talent Arizona has to offer…and by Arizona talent, we mean ARIZONA!...Darlene specializes exclusively in the Arizona market, and no one knows the talent in Arizona like Darlene Wyatt .

Darlene Wyatt Casting
631 N. First Avenue, Suite 106
Phoenix Arizona 85003
(602) 532-9848